Batsford Books

Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

Costume Society


Tudor Tailor

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Vollers Corsets

Vina Cooke

Suppliers in the UK and Europe

Barnett & Lawson

Devine Supplies
Corset fabric, boning, split busks, spoon busks

Buckles Express

MacCulloch and Wallis Ltd
Boning, split busks, general sewing supplies

Vena Cava

Whaleys (Bradford) Ltd
Fabrics including linen

Wilh. Wissner GmbH and Co
Source for plastic boning that echoes most closely whale boning

Suppliers in the US and Canada

Delicious LLC
Fabrics and corset-making supplies

Grannd Companies
Corset-making supplies and linen

Linda Sparks
Corset-making supplies

Farthingales LA
Corset-making supplies


Colchester and Ipswich Museum Services

Leicestershire County Council Museum

St Fagans: National History Museum

Hereford Museum and Art Gallery

Fashion Museum